Benefits of 3-Min Meditations: Insights from Andrew Huberman

Studies have shown that even short meditations lasting one, three, or five minutes can provide significant benefits when practiced consistently.

Huberman’s laboratory has been studying the effects of a five-minute daily meditation, and the data suggests that many of the benefits start to manifest by the three-minute mark.

While some people advocate for brief “one breath meditations” throughout the day, Huberman believes that the duration may not be as crucial as the consistency and intentional direction of attention.

He praised the Waking Up app for its effective approach to meditation, which includes short descriptions of the purpose and benefits of each meditation before the practice begins.

The app offers a variety of meditations ranging from one minute to longer durations, covering a wide range of possibilities within the practice.

Huberman found that using the Waking Up app has led to his most consistent meditation practice to date. He also mentioned that his father, who now meditates for 10-20 minutes every day or every other day, initially convinced him to try the app.

Although some content on the Waking Up app sits behind a paywall, users can access a significant portion of the app or start a trial without any cost.

Huberman expressed his appreciation for the app and his desire to have Sam Harris as a guest on his podcast to discuss the underpinnings of the Waking Up app and Harris’ views on topics such as meditation, free will, and consciousness.

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