Asi Wind’s Unique Sleep Schedule & Morning Routine

Asi Wind’s Unconventional Sleep Schedule and Morning Routine

Wind, a magician, is a night owl who typically goes to sleep around 4:00 a.m. and wakes up around noon. He shares this trait with his mother and brother, and he notes that many magicians tend to have a similar sleep schedule.

Upon waking, Wind enjoys a relaxed start to his day, avoiding urgent emails or tasks that might disrupt his preferred energy. His morning ritual revolves around making his first cup of coffee, taking pleasure in the process of grinding the beans and preparing the brew.

Wind often finds solutions to magic tricks and problems during his sleep, waking up with a clear understanding of what needs to be done. He immediately puts these solutions into practice, burning them into his muscle memory.

The Art and Science of Creative Mornings

Huberman and Wind discuss the benefits and drawbacks of social media, with Wind emphasizing the importance of curating one’s feed to make it beneficial and interesting. Wind shares his morning routine, which involves walking and thinking, allowing ideas to crystallize without the distraction of emails or tactical tasks.

Huberman compares Wind’s routine to that of Rick Rubin, highlighting the importance of capturing the unique components of one’s own experiences and thoughts. He notes that allowing external forces to drive one’s actions and thinking is poisonous for creative work.

Wind discusses his practice of devoting the first few hours of his day to doing things that make him feel good and relaxed, such as solving a Rubik’s cube or practicing card tricks. He also shares a story about meeting with memory expert Harry Lorraine to learn how to memorize the names of 120 audience members every night, only to be told that the key is to simply remember them and conquer fear.

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