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Huberman has been taking Athletic Greens since 2012 and continues to consume it once or twice daily due to its comprehensive nutritional benefits.

AG1 is a vitamin, mineral, and probiotic drink that provides foundational nutritional needs.

Huberman emphasizes the importance of probiotics for gut health, as the gut microbiota communicates with various biological systems in the body, including the brain and immune system, significantly impacting both immediate and long-term health.

In addition to probiotics, AG1 contains adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals that ensure all foundational nutritional needs are met.

Huberman also mentions that the drink tastes great, making it an enjoyable way to support overall health.

For those interested in trying Athletic Greens, Huberman shares a special offer. By visiting, listeners can receive five free travel packs, making it convenient to mix and consume AG1 while on the go. Additionally, the offer includes a year’s supply of vitamin D3 and K2.


“I’d like to take a quick break and acknowledge one of our sponsors, Athletic Greens Athletic Greens, now called AG1, is a vitamin mineral probiotic drink that covers all of your foundational nutritional needs.

I’ve been taking Athletic Greens since 2012, so I’m delighted that they’re sponsoring the podcast.

The reason I started taking Athletic Greens and the reason I still take Athletic Greens once or usually twice a day is that it gets me the probiotics that I need for gut health.

Our gut is very important. It’s populated by gut microbiota that communicate with the brain, the immune system, and basically all the biological systems of our body to strongly impact our immediate and long-term health. And those probiotics in Athletic Greens are optimal and vital for microbiotic health. 

In addition, Athletic Greens contains a number of adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals that make sure that all of my foundational nutritional needs are met, and it tastes great.

If you’d like to try Athletic Greens, you can go to slash Huberman, and they’ll give you five free travel packs that make it really easy to mix up Athletic Greens while you’re on the road, in the car, on the plane, et cetera. And they’ll give you a year’s supply of vitamin D3K2.

Again, that’s slash Huberman to get the five free travel packs and the year’s supply of vitamin D3K2.”

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