Boost Productivity with the Slow Approach

The Slow Productivity Approach

Newport suggests that to be productive, one should focus on the things that really matter to them. He uses writing as an example, stating that if he’s getting in his writing time, he’s happy, even if the rest of the day or week was not as productive.

He believes that the definition of productivity should move away from a quantity metric and instead focus on aggregating quality reps. Newport compares this to weightlifting, where there’s a certain amount of time under load each muscle group needs to be on, and if he’s doing that, he’s happy.

Newport’s approach involves two sets of habits: those that are about doing the things that matter and protecting them, and those that are about keeping everything else under control. By focusing on the core deep reps on the things he cares most about, he finds it easier to go easier on himself when it comes to other tasks.

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