Discovering Beauty in the Ugly: A Unique Perspective

Finding Beauty in the Ugly

Wind finds beauty in the ugly and the mundane. He uses New York City as an example, describing it as a city of opposites that is simultaneously ugly and beautiful, rich and poor, sophisticated and simple. When he has his camera, he is drawn to photographing the run-down areas with fading signs, as they have character and tell an amazing story.

Wind believes that even the ugly, old, and wrinkled can be interesting and beautiful. He doesn’t consciously make a choice to photograph these subjects; instead, he responds instinctively to what tickles him in the moment. Some of the most beautiful photos ever taken, he notes, are of war and violence, captured by photographers like Bersan.

Ultimately, Wind finds humans interesting even when they are ugly or angry, and he doesn’t make a distinction between the beautiful and the ugly in his art.

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