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Eight Sleep’s smart mattress covers offer cooling, heating, and sleep tracking. They help regulate body temperature for improved sleep quality.

Temperature control is crucial for falling and staying asleep and waking up refreshed. The host has personally benefited from using the product for three years.

A discount is available at https://www.eightsleep.com/huberman/.


Today’s episode is also brought to us by Eight Sleep. Eight sleep makes smart mattress covers with cooling heating and sleep tracking capacity. I’ve spoken many times before in this podcast about the fact that sleep is the foundation of mental health, physical health and performance.

Now, a key component of getting a great night’s sleep is that in order to fall and stay deeply asleep, your body temperature actually has to drop by about 1 to 3 degrees. And in order to wake up, feeling refreshed and energized, your body temperature actually has to increase by about 1 to 3 degrees.

One of the best ways to make sure that those temperature changes occur at the appropriate times at the beginning and throughout and at the end of your night, when you wake up is to control the temperature of your sleeping environment. And that’s what eight sleep allows you to do.

It allows you to program the temperature of your mattress and sleeping environment such that you fall and stay deeply asleep easily and wake up each morning, feeling incredibly refreshed and energized. I’ve been sleeping on an eight sleep mattress cover for almost three years now and it has dramatically improved the quality of my sleep.

If you’d like to try a sleep, you can go to eight sleep.com/Huberman to get 100 and $50 off their pod. Three mattress cover eight sleep currently ships in the USA, Canada UK select countries in the EU and Australia. Again, that’s https://www.eightsleep.com/huberman/.