Foundational Fitness for Health, Longevity & Flexibility

Foundational Fitness Protocol for Health and Longevity

Huberman discusses his foundational fitness protocol, which involves three resistance training sessions and three cardiovascular training sessions per week, with one complete rest day. The protocol starts with leg training on day one, followed by a rest day or deliberate heat or cold exposure. The next day is either a 20-30 minute cardio session or torso resistance training, depending on leg recovery. A high-intensity interval training session follows, lasting 8-15 minutes. The next day focuses on small body parts like biceps, triceps, calves, neck, and abs. The final day involves a longer outdoor cardio workout, such as a weighted backpack hike or walk, which can be done alone or with others. Huberman emphasizes the flexibility and versatility of this protocol, as well as the relatively low time commitment required to reap the health benefits.

The Importance of Flexibility in a Fitness Protocol

Huberman discusses the importance of flexibility in a fitness routine. While he recommends an ideal schedule for resistance and cardiovascular training, he acknowledges that life’s demands may require adjusting the schedule.

Huberman suggests sliding workouts forward or back by one day if necessary, and even doubling up on workouts occasionally to ensure all training is completed each week. However, he emphasizes the importance of taking a complete day off after two consecutive days of resistance training to allow for proper recovery.

If a workout must be skipped, Huberman recommends making up for it by incorporating missed muscle groups in the next training session. He believes skipping a workout occasionally won’t significantly impact progress, but suggests aiming to complete 85-95% of planned workouts.

Huberman personally prefers morning workouts but states that afternoon workouts are acceptable if morning sessions aren’t possible. He notes that consistent workout timing can lead to increased energy levels at that time due to the body’s anticipation of the routine.

Ultimately, Huberman advises prioritizing sleep and overall health over rigid workout schedules, especially during times of illness, travel, or family commitments. He believes in maintaining a balance between dedication to fitness and flexibility to accommodate life’s demands.

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