Huberman’s Tips for Sharper Focus – 13-Min Meditation

Today, Huberman shares advice on how to sharpen your focus and enhance cognitive performance with meditation. 

He explores a powerful daily meditation routine, backed by the research of Wendy Suzuki from NYU, which promises to not only hone immediate focus but also sustain it in the long run. 

Then dives into the Arrow Model of Focus, along with the benefits and cautionary tips regarding supplements like Alpha GPC and garlic capsules.

Tool: Brief Daily Meditation & Focus

Huberman highlights Wendy Suzuki’s research from NYU on his show. Suzuki’s work uncovers the power of a short daily meditation. Not only does it improve immediate focus, but it also maintains it over time.

The method? Just 13 minutes a day. 

Sit or lie down, close your eyes, and aim your attention at a spot inside your forehead. It’s a location untouched by sensation, ripe for internal focus.

Huberman points out that refocusing when your mind drifts actually strengthens concentration. He champions daily meditation for the best impact. Miss a day? No stress, he says. Just keep at it.

This simple practice isn’t just about sharper focus. Huberman stresses its broader benefits too—better mood, mental health, and overall performance. 

The Arrow Model of Focus, Alpha GPC & Garlic Supplements

Dr. Andrew Huberman unveiled his “Arrow Model of Focus” to simplify complex neurological concepts. Picture this: focus is an arrow. It has three parts: the arrowhead, the shaft, and the propelling force. 

The arrowhead pinpoints your concentration. This is powered by a brain chemical called acetylcholine, which is key for attention. 

The shaft, like a battery, provides the stamina to keep that focus steady. This part is linked to adrenaline, a well-known energy booster. The propelling force is dopamine. Think of it as the engine that drives your arrow, fuelling motivation.

Dr. Huberman believes we can sharpen our focus. How? By upping our acetylcholine, adrenaline, and dopamine. 

He suggests trying Alpha GPC supplements. A 300-milligram dose may rev up your focus, taken shortly before mental or physical efforts. 

Caution is key. Dr. Huberman warns not to rely on Alpha GPC too much. He advises leaning more on healthy behaviors and diets, using supplements sparingly.

He also brings up a potential downside of Alpha GPC – a rise in TMAO, linked to heart health risks. A simple fix? Garlic. Taking a 600-milligram garlic capsule may help counteract this.

Dr. Huberman acknowledges that not everyone will vibe with supplements like Alpha GPC. Prescription meds, like Ritalin or Adderall, may be necessary for some, such as those with ADHD. Always consult a certified doctor for these.

It’s crucial to grasp how acetylcholine, adrenaline, and dopamine influence focus. This understanding can guide our use of cognitive enhancers, nicotine included, and its impact on our minds.

To wrap it up, Dr. Huberman touts daily meditation, a 13-minute routine, as a solid way to boost attention. While supplements like Alpha GPC can be helpful, they’re just one option in our toolkit, not mandatory. 

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