Huberman Lab Premium: Enhance Health & Performance Research


Welcome to the cutting-edge convergence of science and community support: the Huberman Lab Premium channel. Dive into an exclusive realm where your curiosity not only fuels groundbreaking research in mental and physical health but also amplifies its impact through a powerful collaboration with the Tiny Foundation. For those hungry for deeper insights and direct engagement with the world of health and performance science, this Premium channel is your gateway to driving real change and accessing a treasure trove of knowledge. Unlock the potential to shape the future—one question, one study, one breakthrough at a time.

Huberman lab premium channel

The creation of the Huberman Lab Premium channel serves a dual purpose: firstly, to generate support for the ongoing standard Huberman Lab podcast, which will maintain its release schedule and format without change. Secondly, it is established to specifically finance research on human subjects—focusing on areas we all find most critical: mental health, physical health, and performance. The intent is to utilize these funds to develop further protocols, which will be shared widely, not just via the Premium channel, but also through the Huberman Lab podcast and other media outlets. This ensures that the information derived from research is accessible, enhancing knowledge on various health and performance topics. The Premium channel also features an exciting partnership with the Tiny Foundation, which has committed to matching every dollar raised for research, effectively doubling the impact of your support. This collaboration significantly amplifies the capacity to fund crucial scientific studies and the development of tools aimed at improving mental health, physical health, and performance. Subscribers to the Premium channel, available at a subscription rate of $10 monthly or a discounted annual fee of $100, gain access to extensive benefits. These include the ability to participate in AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, the opportunity to ask questions and receive detailed responses, and the advantage of accessing exclusive content such as transcripts and protocols from the Huberman Lab podcast episodes not available elsewhere. Your subscription not only equips you with a wealth of knowledge but also directly contributes to vital research efforts in the aforementioned fields. We invite you to join the Huberman Lab Premium channel by visiting to sign up. Your support for science and research is greatly appreciated and plays a fundamental role in advancing our collective understanding of human health and performance.


The Huberman Lab Premium channel isn’t just an expansion—it’s a mission to exponentially boost research and knowledge-sharing for our mental and physical well-being. By joining, you’re not only gaining exclusive insights and engaging in direct dialogue, but you’re also funding pivotal health and performance research—a double win for science and the community, matched in impact by the Tiny Foundation. Dive into a richer, healthier future; subscribe to be part of cutting-edge discoveries that aim to enrich our lives.

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