Huberman’s Terrifying Sleep Paralysis Experience Explained

Sleep Paralysis Upon Waking

Huberman describes a terrifying experience he had as a teenager after drinking alcohol the night before. He woke up paralyzed, unable to move, and it was only after some time that he was able to jolt himself awake.

Walker explains that this is a common phenomenon called REM sleep paralysis. It occurs when the brain wakes up from REM sleep but doesn’t release the body from the paralysis that normally accompanies this stage of sleep.

This mismatch between consciousness and the release of paralysis can be frightening, as the person is aware of their surroundings but unable to move or even open their eyes. Sleep deprivation, stress, and alcohol consumption can increase the likelihood of experiencing REM sleep paralysis.

Walker also notes that REM sleep paralysis can adequately explain most alien abduction stories, as they typically involve being paralyzed in bed at night, unable to move or call for help, and sensing a presence in the room.

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