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Thesis, a nootropics company, creates targeted supplements for specific brain functions like focus, creativity, and motivation, using high-quality ingredients like DHA and ginkgo biloba.

They offer personalized kits based on individual brain chemistry and goals. Visit for a personalized starter kit and get 10% off with the code ‘huberman’.


Our first sponsor is thesis thesis. Nootropics, which means smart drugs. Now, to be honest. I am not a fan of the term nootropics. I don’t believe in smart drugs. In the sense that I don’t believe that there’s any one substance, or collection of substances that can make us smarter. I do believe based on science.

However, that there are particular, neural circuits and brain functions that allow us to be more focused, more alert access creativity, be more motivated at cetera. That’s just the way that the brain works different, neural circuits for different brain States.

And so the idea of a nootropic that’s just going to make us Smarter all around fails to acknowledge that. Smarter is many things, right. If you’re an artist, you’re a musician, you’re doing math, you’re doing accounting a different part of the day. You need to be creative. These are all different brain, processes thesis understands this.

And as far as I know that the first nootropics company to create targeted, nootropics for specific outcomes. They only use the highest quality ingredients, which of course is essential. Some of those I’ve talked about on the podcast, things like DHA, ginkgo biloba, phosphatidyl serine. They give you the ability to try several different blends over the course of a month.

Discover which nootropics work best for your unique brain, chemistry and genetics and goals. And with that personalization design, a kit of nootropics that’s ideal for the different brain and body States. You want to access.

I’ve been using thesis for more than six months now and I can confidently say that their nootropics have been a total Game Changer. My go-to formula is the clarity formula or sometimes I’ll use their energy formula before training to get your own personalized. Nootropic starter kit.

Go online to take huberman, take a Three-minute quiz and thesis will send you four different formulas to try in your first month. That’s take huberman and use the code huberman at checkout for 10% off.