Huberman & Galpin on Intermittent Fasting & Building Muscles

In a recent can’t-miss podcast, Dr. Andy Galpin and Andrew Huberman tackle the hot-button issues of intermittent fasting, keto diets, and their compatibility with hardcore training regimens. 

As they sift through the evidence and share expert insights, one thing becomes clear: The journey to peak physical condition is complex, and the verdict is still out on combining these popular health protocols.

Intermittent Fasting, Training & Keto Diets; GABA

So, can you build muscle while juggling time-restricted eating and a keto diet? Dr. Galpin threw in a curveball — there’s no definitive research to back it up. 

Even though his team did explore intermittent fasting and muscle growth, the results were under wraps during the podcast.

They then skimmed over GABA supplements. Dr. Galpin doesn’t dish out prescriptions; hence, the chat only grazed the surface of GABA’s role in fitness.

Things got real when discussing post-workout meals. Wait three to four hours to eat after hitting the gym? Dr. Galpin played it safe — keep up with your protein, he advised, but specifics? 

Those were missing, pending his study’s findings.

The topic of fasted high-intensity workouts sparked discussion. Some athletes swear by it, yet pushing your limits on an empty tank is rare. 

It boils down to your body’s glycogen stash. Short bursts of exercise might be fine fasted, but the longer the sweat session, the trickier it gets.

Dr. Galpin struck a chord on one key message: there’s a fine line between managing to do something and it being the best choice. 

Is fasting the secret sauce for peak athletic performance? He finds that hard to buy.

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