The Value of Mentorship in Kids: Huberman & Kennedy’s Take

Andrew Huberman and psychologist Dr. Becky Kennedy explore the untapped depths of mentorship. 

From unexpected inspiration from figures never met to the subtle guidance of daily acquaintances, this blog post delves into the compelling discussions these experts have on the transformative power of mentors in personal development, parenting, and the fabric of our relationships. 



Huberman confessed that key figures outside of his family greatly impacted his life. He pointed out that mentors aren’t always official guides. Sometimes, they are just people we come across, or voices we find in books and lectures.

For instance, Huberman felt mentored by James Hollis, a Jungian psychologist, without ever meeting him. 

He conveyed the value of looking beyond our family for inspiration and guidance. Dr. Kennedy resonated with this idea. She believes that no one person, not even parents, can be everything. 

She openly tells her kids that other parents might host better sleepovers and encourages them to relish those moments.

Parents who permit their kids to find role models in coaches and teachers set the stage for balanced future relationships

Kennedy stressed that these figures mold children’s views on adult bonds and even their sense of attraction later in life.

Both Huberman and Kennedy championed the idea of embracing external influences in upbringing. 

They discussed the societal pressure on women to be endlessly self-sacrificing, to the point of losing themselves. Kennedy posed a critical question for parents: “Where did I learn that I’m supposed to be everything to someone?”

They wrapped up the conversation with an empowering message. Letting go of the need to be everything for our kids can be liberating. It frees up energy for our own growth. 

Huberman and Kennedy advocate for a flexible mentorship model. Embracing various influences, they suggest, offers a richer, more diverse upbringing. It prepares children to forge and maintain healthy relationships for life.

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