Nootropics for Athletes: Citrulline, Beetroot Juice & Alpha-GPC

Dr. Andy Galpin and Dr. Andrew Huberman, reveals how non-stimulant supplements such as citrulline, beetroot juice, and Alpha-GPC can revolutionize your workout regime and mental focus. 

Citrulline, Beet Root Juice & Performance; Alpha-GPC & Focus, Nootropics

Dr. Andy Galpin advocates for harnessing the power of the nitric oxide pathway. Enter players like citrulline and arginine.

Nitric oxide has one job – to open up blood vessels wide. It’s like a VIP highway for nutrients to power through your body, cranking up your performance. 

And the champ? Beetroot juice. It stands out for boosting endurance and doesn’t mess with your Z’s.

Dr. Andrew Huberman throws in a caution flag for cold sore warriors. Turns out, the same pathway that boosts your workout could wake up that pesky cold sore virus. 

Now, what about mental edge? Alpha-GPC steps into the spotlight. Not exactly a stimulant, but with 300 to 600 milligrams, Huberman feels that surge of sharpened focus.

Dr. Galpin gets real – the science is still catching up on the workout wonders of these compounds. But in the smarts department, they’re solid gold. 

Known as nootropics, they’re not your everyday fix. They’re like a tailored suit, perfect for nailing that ace golf swing or a three-pointer.

Here’s the kicker – nootropics are a lifeline for athletes on a diet. Sometimes, when foods and stimulants are a no-go, these brain boosters keep the mental game strong and the training fierce.

So what’s the takeaway? Performance isn’t just about the physical grind. A smart cocktail of non-stimulant supplements can dial you into the zone, both physically and mentally. 

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