Mantra & Meditation Tips from Rick Rubin

Rubin shares his lifelong experience and insights into mantra and awareness meditation, revealing how these practices help him remain grounded in the present moment. 

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or curious newcomer, this episode is a compelling invitation to embrace meditation and experience the profound impact it can have on your life. 

Mantra Meditation, Awareness Meditation

Rick Rubin knows his meditations. Practicing since he was 14, he’s made it a daily habit. There are two types he focuses on: mantra and awareness. 

Mantra meditation is trance-like. You repeat sounds or phrases and it calms your busy mind. 

Awareness meditation is different. It’s about being in the moment. Observing sensations and thoughts without getting lost in them.

Rubin uses these practices to stay present. They help him tune into the now, and not just the chatter in his head. 

He doesn’t just sit in a quiet room to meditate. He does it anywhere. Walking on the beach or flying across the country. 

Rubin even meditated through surgery recovery. Surprisingly, medical staff thought he was on sedatives because he was so deeply into it.

Huberman is inspired to try longer sessions himself. Rubin says go for it. Anyone can benefit from meditation with the right technique and some practice.

Regular meditation can change your life. It brings clarity, healing, and self-awareness. Rubin’s openness about his journey invites us all. Try meditation. Make it part of your daily routine. Watch your well-being grow.

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