Sleep Quality: Are You Getting Enough? Signs to Watch For

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Walker and Huberman discuss the importance of sleep quality, quantity, regularity, and timing. They emphasize that if you would sleep past your alarm clock, you’re likely not getting enough sleep. Animals never artificially terminate their sleep like humans do.

Walker suggests having two alarm clocks – one for bedtime and one for waking up. He also mentions that inattentiveness while driving could be a sign of sleep deprivation.

Concentration and alertness tests are used to measure sleep deprivation. These tests mimic the monotony of tasks like driving on a freeway at night when underslept.

One of the dangers of sleep deprivation is that people don’t realize they are sleep deprived. Subjectively, they think they’re fine, but objectively, their performance is declining. This is similar to a drunk driver who thinks they’re okay to drive but objectively is not.

Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Quality Sleep

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