The Truth About Supplements & Building Muscle

From examining the potential for dependency on supplements to the advantages of single-ingredient formulations and the interplay between supplements, the gut microbiome, and exercise, these insights aim to equip you with the knowledge to navigate your health journey with confidence. 

Join us as we dissect these topics, seeking to strike that delicate balance between aiding our bodies and nurturing our natural physiological resilience.

Supplements, Dependency & Root Cause; Foundational Behaviors

Galpin zeroes in on a critical goal: reducing the need for supplements. He highlighted the body’s innate abilities and the power of simple habits. 

Think sunlight, good sleep, and proper nutrition. For Galpin, supplements shouldn’t be crutches for bad sleep or low motivation. Instead, he sees them as tools to manage issues while digging into deeper problems.

Sure, a multivitamin or creatine might be okay. But others? You need a strong reason for those high doses. 

Enter the concept of physiological resilience. Galpin’s team has a way to measure it. Their advice? Build up your resilience so you won’t need external crutches.

Huberman agreed. He stressed the importance of solid habits and nutrition before pills or powders. 

Certain behaviors can naturally kickstart neurochemical shifts, echoes of what supplements aim for. His advice? Build those behaviors first.

They both sounded the alarm on the perils of energy-boosting substances. Caffeine was a big topic. 

Huberman explained its science and suggested waiting to drink your morning coffee. Give your body time to shake off sleep naturally.

Supplements have their place, but they’re not the headliners. Use them wisely, as additions to a lifestyle that already promotes health and vitality. 

Tool: Supplement Formulations

Huberman stresses the importance of single ingredients. He believes they allow you to see what really works. 

With them, you can adjust doses and times accurately. This tailored approach clears up the confusion that often comes with blends.

While Huberman sees the potential good in certain blends, he suggests using them sparingly. Especially when you’re after specific results, like more energy or better focus.

Dr. Galpin brought up a study on Rhodiola, an adaptogen for better performance and less fatigue. If mixed with other ingredients, it’s harder to take safely, and finding the cause of side effects is tricky. 

The freedom to experiment with supplements is key to understanding your body’s reactions, he said.

Single ingredient supplements also mean more precise dosing. Dr. Galpin highlights the role of third-party testing. Without it, wrong doses can be harmful or ineffective.

Huberman also talked about the economics behind supplements. Cheap blends might skimp on the good stuff. This means you don’t get what you pay for, while companies profit.

Their message? Be your own lab scientist. Choose single ingredients to take charge of your health. 

Acute vs. Chronic Effects, Supplements & Gut Microbiome

Dr. Andy Galpin took a deep dive into supplements and the gut microbiome during a podcast. They talked about acute and chronic effects, supplement habits, and the body’s responses.

They busted myths, too. Many of us think taking supplements is for life. Not true, says Huberman. 

Take alpha GPC, for example. It’s an “as-needed” supplement. Base your intake on your diet, rather than a set routine. 

Huberman’s own probiotic use? It varies. He alternates between food and supplements based on what he eats.

Enter Dr. Galpin, urging caution. He knows some things need consistency. Creatine and beta-alanine won’t work their muscle magic without it. It’s all about understanding what works and sticking to it to see results.

But that’s not all. Galpin illuminated groundbreaking findings on the gut microbiome and exercise. 

Picture this: a single ultramarathon can skyrocket gut bacteria numbers. Streptococcus is just one that skyrockets after such strenuous exercise. 

These findings are still fresh from the lab, but they’re shining a light on a new path for health and performance.

Their talk underlines a crucial theme: Health isn’t one-size-fits-all. Supplements and exercise are players in our biology. We’ve got guiding principles, sure. But truly thriving? That’s about tailoring the fit to your personal health journey. 

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