Unraveling the Secrets of Stage 1 Sleep: A Deep Dive

The Mysteries of Stage 1 Sleep

Stages one and two of sleep, also known as light sleep, are more than just a prelude to deep sleep. Walker explains that during stage one, the eyeballs start to roll in their sockets underneath the eyelids, a phenomenon known as slow rolling eye movements. This is one of the first signs that a person is entering sleep.

Another peculiar event that can occur during this stage is hypnagogic jerks, where individuals may experience mini dreams and suddenly wake themselves up. This happens due to a loss of proprioception, the sense of knowing how the body is positioned in space, before fully losing consciousness.

As a person drifts off into sleep, they start to lose proprioceptive feedback, which normally occurs after the loss of consciousness. However, sometimes the speed at which these events happen changes, causing the loss of proprioception to occur before the complete loss of consciousness, resulting in the body’s startled reaction, as if falling.

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