Why Sam Harris Deleted Twitter

Leaving Twitter; Conflict, Life Interruption & Politics 

Recently, Harris made the decision to close his Twitter account, leaving many people curious about the decision. 

Harris still has an Instagram account, but it’s managed by his team and he never personally uses it. 

In contrast, Twitter was a platform Harris actively engaged with and used as a means of communication. However, Harris began to feel that it was producing unnecessary conflict for him and drawing him into responding to things that were out of proportion with their actual importance in his life. 

These feelings predated recent changes to Twitter, but were exacerbated by them.

In the absence of Twitter, Harris’s thumb is freed up to do other things and he no longer feels the need to constantly check the platform.

Despite the benefits he received from Twitter, such as the ability to signal boost articles and raise money for people in need, Harris ultimately felt that the drawbacks of the platform outweighed the positives. 

Social Media, Attentional Disruption & Deep Work

Harris shared his own experience of deleting his Twitter account and the positive impact it has had on his life.

One of the key takeaways from the conversation was the recognition of the addictive nature of social media

Harris noted that even someone as successful as Elon Musk, with all of his other responsibilities and commitments, can struggle with an unhealthy attachment to using social media platforms. 

This realization led Harris to reflect on his own use of Twitter and how it might not have been optimized for his wellbeing.

In addition to the addictive aspect of social media, Harris also touched on the concept of “deep work,” the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. 

Social media can be a major disruptor to this type of focused attention, making it difficult to fully engage in and complete important tasks.

Overall, Harris’s experience of deleting his Twitter account has been largely positive. He has been able to free up a significant amount of mental bandwidth and has gained a new appreciation for the importance of deep work. 

While he is not sure how much Twitter reflects real life or how important it is to stay informed about the happenings on the platform, he has not yet discovered any negative consequences of not being on it.

Wrapping Up

Sam Harris’s decision to delete his Twitter account was driven by a number of factors, including the unnecessary conflict and distraction it caused in his life.

His experience highlights the addictive and disruptive nature of social media and the importance of finding a balance in its use.

While Twitter may have had some benefits for Harris, such as the ability to signal boost articles and raise money for those in need, the drawbacks ultimately outweighed the positives.

Harris’s experience serves as a reminder to carefully consider the role of social media in our lives and to be

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